UAMC is a specialized state enterprise for meteorological aviation maintenance at Kyiv / Boryspil, Kyiv / Zhulyany, Kyiv / Antonov-1 and Kyiv / Antonov-2 airports, which is part of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

But in order for you to understand where this misconception of people comes from, to shy away from pleasures and to praise suffering, I will reveal to you the whole picture and explain what this man who discovered the truth, whom I would call the architect of a happy life, said. Indeed, no one rejects, despises, avoids pleasures just because they are pleasures, but only because those who do not know how to use pleasures intelligently experience great suffering. Just as there is no one who, having loved, would prefer and would demand suffering just because it is suffering, and not because other times there are circumstances when suffering and pain bring some and considerable pleasure.

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Therefore, the sage adheres in this case to the following principle of choice - either by giving up pleasure, he gets some other and even great pleasures, or, suffering, he gets rid of the more cruel.

Development prospects

Providing high quality aviation meteorological services to ensure flight safety
Confirmation of the certificate of the enterprise as an entity providing air navigation services in terms of meteorological services
Improving the quality management system at the enterprise by confirming its compliance with ISO 9001 requirements
Maintaining the appropriate level of training, qualifications and competence of staff
Ensuring technical re-equipment of UAMC units

Regarding access to information

The State Enterprise “Ukrainian Aviation Meteorological Center” (UAMC) receives inquiries regarding the possibility of access to radar data from the Doppler meteorological radar METEOR-500CDP. Regarding this information, we report the following.

UAMC is a certified provider of meteorological services for civil aviation. The information produced by the enterprise is part of air navigation services in accordance with the Aviation Rules of Ukraine and hydrometeorological services in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Hydrometeorological Activities".

All types of specialized hydrometeorological and other forecasts and calculations for enterprises, institutions and organizations, including aerometeorological forecasts and warnings, consultations and other services for meteorological services of civil aviation are provided for a fee (List of paid services provided by hydrometeorological institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Emergencies).

UAMC provides meteorological information to aviation users on a paid basis. Consumers of information undertake not to disclose or pass on information that became known to them as a result of meteorological services by the company. Public (free) access to this information is not provided.

A single mechanism for providing meteorological information to other (non-aviation) consumers has not yet been implemented.