State Enterprise

"Ukrainian Aviation Meteorological Center"


The first state company in the field of meteorology is a specialized state enterprise for aviation meteorological suport established on the basis of the state-owned property, which also belongs to the administration domain of the state emergency service of Ukraine. Overall, during a year SE “NAMC” provides services to more than 50 thousand flights carried out by nearly 100 airlines.

 Company history

The modern history of the aeronautical meteorological support for civil aviation flights in Ukraineis closely connected with the Ukrainian aviation meteorological center. OnJanuary 15, 1944, an aeronautical meteorological station (civil) was established at theairportofZhuliany, city ofKyiv(AMSC). Until 1960 it was the only station on the territory of the city, providing meteorological services for flights of civil aviation airplanes. Since 1960, with introduction of the turboprop and jet aircraft for air lift (AN-10, IL-18, TU-104, TU-134), Boryspil airport has become the mainairportofUkraine, the “gates” of its capital. In the same year, for providing meteorological support for it, an aeronautical meteorological station was set up (AMSC-Kyiv-Central), in the future it was designated as a Ukrainian Aviation Meteorological Center (UAMC). To provide meteorological support for aircraft flights at Boryspil airport, meteorological experts, first in Ukraine, used in their work new meteorological devices, modern technologies of aeronautical meteorological observations and farecasting: the first remotely controlled devices, the first automated aviation weather station, receipt of information from artificial earth satellites, the first weather radar. In 1974, on the basis of the aviation weather station a Ukrainian Aviation Meteorological Center (UAMC), which functions, besides meteorological support operations, included receiving and transmitting information for the whole ofUkraineand methodological management of the AMSC network inUkraine. At UAMC for the first time inUkrainea transition to remote weather observations was carried out in 1978 and to automated observations using the KRAMS station in 1983-1984. Also, at UAMC for the first time ever in 1990 the MRL-5, an advanced meteorological equipment with a remote control panel and a new generation of KRAMS stations were put into operation. Brand new customer service technologies have been introduced at UAMC since 1993, when the first computer was installed at the workstation of the synoptician. OnJanuary 1, 2003, as a result of the merger of the UAMC and AMSC-Kyiv, the State Enterprise “UkrainianAviationMeteorologicalCenter”was established. During a year the State Company “UAMC” provides services to more than 50,000 sorties, which are operated by about 100 airlines at four airports. The company, throughout the period of ten years since it was established, has been operating, developing, improving its technologies and successfully implementing major investment projects exclusively at the expense of self-supporting running. Over these years the production volumes have increased almost 3 times with virtually the same cadre of employees due to the increase in labor intensity and practically new automation of the production process.