State Enterprise

"Ukrainian Aviation Meteorological Center"


Air Navigation Service and Forecasting  Department and Groups 

Aviation is the most demanding consumer of weather information. The development of aviation technology is accompanied with uninterrupted changes (increase in) the requirements for aviation meteorological service. The development of aviation weather forecasts is a complicated and interesting branch of synoptic meteorology, and the responsibility and complexity of such work is considerably higher than in making general purpose forecasts (for population). The responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the forecast is borne by a synoptician preparing the forecast. Highly skilled specialists, who work at SE “NAMC”, monitor synoptical processes and weather conditions round the clock. They have at their disposal all the necessary aerosynoptical material, data from the meteorological earth satellite (MES), Doppler meteorological radar (DMR) and a number of automated calculation methods of forecasting meteorological values. A meteorological unit, providing services to the aviation, is called aerodrome meteorological body. Synopticians-forecasters of the departments/groups of meteorological forecasts prepare and issue 9-hour or 24-hour aerodrome forecasts (TAF), 2-hour landing forecasts (TREND) and aerodrome warnings. Aviation forecasts and warnings are necessary for the aircraft crews for effective pre-flight planning and re-planning of the the route during the execution of the flight; air traffic control (ATC) to inform the flight crews in flight about the expected adverse conditions at the airport of landing. Aerodrome warnings are also used by the airport services, which are responsible for the condition of the runway, taxiways, parking areas, airfield serviceability of equipment and technical facilities. Synopticians (forecasters) of all the units of the SE “NAMC” closely cooperate during their tour of duty on issues relating to meteorological support within the area of responsibility and provide consultations to all aviation customers. A briefing synoptician provides flight crews with flight documentation and advices on weather conditions along the planned route, time and duration of flight, train / flight altitude, aircraft type, class of air space, within which the flight is planned to be executed as well as the type of flight. Flight crews get a pre-flight briefing at MET briefing room at such airdromes as Kyiv / Boryspil, Kyiv / Zhuliany, Kyiv / Antonov-2. Flight documentation is necessary for flight crew to plan, execute a flight safely and evaluate alternative actions (withdrawal to a secure airdrome) under adverse weather conditions.

Meteorological Observations and Information Department and Groups

Observations of all the weather parameters are taken remotely in a continuous mode by means of automatic systems, operating under the supervision of technician-meteorologist at all four aerodromes. Meteorological on-line observations and weather information gets to aviation users into weather displays and through communication channels. In addition, a technician-meteorologist has a possibility of providing information based on the archive data about meteorological conditions at the aerodrome, recorded in weather reports, as well as average, minimum and maximum values for each weather sensor, measurements of wind, visibility, cloud height, pressure, temperature, air humidity and a number of additional data. A technician-meteorologist can provide weather reports observed at the aerodrome on any day or month to those organizations, which function on the same territory, namely: airport services, for briefing flight crews, flight dispatchers and synopticians on the basis of the archived data upon a request. To ensure the development of climatic products and forecasts the information on actual weather conditions is required, which can be provided at any time by a technician-meteorologist, working at the airport Kyiv / Boryspil, Kyiv / Zhuliany, Kyiv / Antonov-2 or Kyiv/Antonov-1. The information about actual weather conditions is required by the crews to prepare for a sortie, airport services, Kyivcenteraero dispatchers, operational forecasters, law enforcement agencies, traffic police, insurance companies, companies in different sectors of the economy, designing and construction of residential buildings, roads, aerodromes, communication and energy lines for optimal planning of schedule of work and rest. This unique information with 1-minute intervals can be used for scientific research and design engineering. Therefore, we are looking for the interested customers. We guarantee the quality of the information.

Radio meteorological observations are carried out on the basis of the spatial distribution of cloud fields and related weather phenomena within a radius of detection of the Doppler meteorological radar (DMR). From 1970 the observations were carried out in a manual mode using MRL-1 and MRL-5 weather radars. Already in 1999 radio meteorological observations were carried out in automatic mode using an automated “Meteoiacheika” radar complex. In 2007 the first inUkraine“Meteor-Meteoiacheyka” Doppler weather radar was installed and commissioned, which operates automatically with a data renewal period of 10 minutes. Diverse and varied-scale information about the distribution of weather phenomena in the atmosphere at a considerable distance can be useful not only for meteorologists, aviators and also for the other users such as:

  • municipal city services;
  • road services;
  • rescue services of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine;
  • construction and energy companies.

In the near future upon your request we will be able to provide information on the number and intensity of precipitation at a given location, road visibility, wind speed at different levels, hazardous phenomena in the atmosphere at a given radius, both in real time, and based on the archived data. We are ready for cooperation with you. Quality and reliability of the information is guaranteed!

Information Technologies and Meteorological Equipment Mainterance Department and Group

The main task of the department/group: to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation of the technical equipment of the company meteorological and information systems. The functions of the department also include:

  • Organizing the servicing and inventory management of the company measuring equipement;
  • Carrying out a complex of work aimed at supplying technical means of measuring and computer equipment;
  • Providing information for conducting tenders for procurement of technical means of measuring and computer equipment, collecting and analyzing information on the reliability of measuring and computer equipment.

The maintenance and repair of the complex optical and electronic weather sensors, located on the runway, day and night, in cold and hot weather, is carried out by electronics engineers, having higher professianal education.

Contracting, Purchasing  and Sales Department

The main purpose of the department is organizing and implementing contract and marketing activities as under: • preparing, signing agreements / contracts and control over the execution of their terms and conditions in accordance with applicable law of  Ukraine; • record-keeping of the meteorological services rendered; • carrying out calculations of the production costs and costs of the meteorological products; • ensuring the process of purchasing goods, works and services; • working with costomers. No project, no foreign contract or an ordinary agreement can be implemented without the participation of the specialists of this department. The specialists of this department are knowledgeable and proficient in obtaining information about procurement, supply, training, insurance, etc., they work closely with suppliers and customers. We are always glad to help heads of departments and structural elements of out company.

Accounting Department

As the company operates on principles of high quality, profitability, self-financing, self-sufficiency, special attention in implementation of this task is paid to the analysis of the economic activity. It helps develop the company’s strategies and tactics, substantiate plans and management decisions, exercise control over their execution, determine reserves for increasing efficiency of production, evaluate the results of the company’s activity, its structural elements and individual employees. The Accounting Department carries out real-time accounting and book-keeping operations of the company’s activity results, financial and statistical reporting. Audit of the financial activity is carried out in accordance with applicable law.

Methodological Department

SE “NAMC” is the main methodological center to provide meteorological support for the civil aviation inUkraine. SE “NAMC” provides methodological support for the civil aviation inUkrainein accordance with the “Guidelines for methodological support for the civil aviation” approved by the Head of the State Hydrometeorological Service of Ukraine onApril 30, 2004 and by the Statute of the SE “NAMC”.

The main objective of the methodological support for the civil aviation is promoting flight safety by providing meteorological support, improving the quality of meteorological services available to aviation users. A special department called the Department of Methodological Support is assigned to provide methodological support for the civil aviation.

The main tasks of the department are as follows:

  • Carrying out methodological support and cooperation with theUkraine’s AMSC network by conducting seminars-on-site trainings of the AMSC specialists; methodological inspections, comprehensive inspections of the operational documentation;
  • developing methodological recommendations, explanations on different issues of the civil aviation meteorological support.
  • Participation in the development of the new regulatory documents on organization and provision of civil aviation meteorological support.
  • Carrying out quality monitoring of the operational meteorological information (TAF, METAR, SPECI), which is complied within the AMSC network.
  • Participation and processing of the materials from international seminars, conferences on aviation meteorology.
  • Assitance in implementation of the WMO/ICAO resolutions, international standards and recommended practices of the aviation meteorological support.

In addition, the methodologists take an active part in solving the SE “NAMC” operational production problems, which allows them to be not just ”pure” theoreticians, but understand current needs and difficulties of support for the aviation operators inUkraine.

Our specialists are known and respected not only within the Ukraine’s AMSC network, but far beyond. Specialists from the other civil aviation methodological centers seeks their advice on meteorological support.

AMSC “Kyiv”

The main task of AMSC ”Kyiv”, which is part of the SE “NAMC” is to provide meteorological information support for aircraft, flying not only within Ukraine, but also those flying to/from the Former Soviet Union contries, non-CIS countries. The support is provided by aerodromes, flight routes, flight regions for flight crews of the aircraft and other aviation customers. The AMSC “Kyiv” also carries out meteorological support and data collection from weather sensors of the airport and transfers weather data to the Kyiv data bank. The AMSG “Kyiv” constantly makes and specifies weather forecasts at the Kyiv / Zhuliany, Kyiv / Antonov-2, Kyiv/Antonov-1, Bila Tserkiv, Kyiv “Yuzhnyi”, for the test flight area, prepares warnings of dangerous weather phenomena at aerodromes test flight areas. In February 2000 AMSC “Hostomil” and AMSC “Svyatoshyn” joined AMSC “Kyiv”, where the services were provided not only to test flights but also to intercontinental freight flights. The meteorological support department at the Kyiv/Antonov-2 aerodrome, as a SE “NAMC”operating element, performs weather support functions for the test aerodrome Kyiv/Antonov-2, where not only air freight operations take place (often non-stop flights) of the heavy and large-sized freight by Ukrainian AN-124 “Ruslan”, AN-225 “Mriia” aircraft, but also test flights of such aircraft of AN-148, AN-140, AN-32. AMSC “Kyiv” since 2003 has been a structural element of the SE “NAMC”.