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The Ukrainian Aviation Meteorological Centeris equipped with the most modern weather equipment and technologies of work. Virtually all the production processes at SE “UAMC” are automated. Respective hardware-software systems make it possible for the operating personnel to do the following:

  • Carry out observations at two runways at Boryspil Airport by means of an automated weather station made inFinlandby Vaisala; and a modern station KRAMS-4 made by IRAM, at Kyiv/Zhuliany, Kyiv/Antonov-2 and Kyiv/Antonov-1 aerodromes.
  • Exercise radar control of the nebulosity and hazardous weather conditions connected with thrunderstorms, hail, squalls, aircraft icing in the 200-km radius and provide intormation to the customers on displays as maps amd messages through the “Meteor-Meteoiacheika” automated weather radar complex.
  • Compile weather forecasts for all four aerodromes for 2-, 9-, 24-hours as well as for flight regions and flight routes.
  • Receive necessary aeronautical meteorological information from international zonal forecast centers through the RETIМ satellite broadcasting system, and also from international aviation meteorological data banks such asVienna,Brusselsand send its products through communications channels to the consumers work stations.

Introduction of advanced technologies and meteorological equipment allowed to raise flight crews meteorological support to a high level. Thus,BorispilAirportis able to let out and receive aircraft at ICAO CAT I, II and III minimum, almost in a fog with zero visibility.